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Simple, Reliable and Awesome.

Our Services

“And not limited to”

Call Centre Management

Communicating with your customer, is no longer just about voice calls. We have the Latest Technology with Call Centers in Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Polokwane.


Our Staff Specialises in Tracing, Affidavit’s, Document Collection and Delivery for various Law Practices and Pension Funds Countrywide.

What we Offer

Call Centre Tracing (Desktop), Physical Tracing (Tracers / Walk In Members), Olympus Mobile Banking Bank Card, Debt Counselling, Mediation, Liquidations, Sequestrations, Import and Export of PPE Goods, Administration Services, Data Base Management, Company Management Systems, Nationwide Pick Up Points.

Management System

We offer a Web Based Account Management System. Our Systems gives our clients access to a wide range of Reports from Receipting to analysing all performances, first hand.

About Us

Company History

Extreme Confirmation & Admin started trading under the Vermeulen Family Trust.

The Vermeulen Family Trust was established in February 1998.

Extreme Confirmation & Admin was then registered as a private company with the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) in June 2015:

  • Registration number: 2015/190473/07
  • Enterprise name: Extreme Confirmation and Admin
  • Registration date: 19/06/2015
  • VAT Number: 4170274213
  • SARS Tax number: 9747250166

mPowerRatings conducted the B-BEE verification and issued a B-BEE verification certificate, while Extreme Confirmation & Admin traded under the Vermeulen Family Trust:

  • Registered name: Extreme Confirmation and Admin
  • Trading as: Extreme Confirmation & Admin
  • Registration no.: it1995/98 Broad based BEE status level: level four (4) contributor
  • BEE procurement recognition level: 100.00%

All business bank accounts have been opened, and is still active, at Standard Bank of South Africa, since the establishment of the Vermeulen Family Trust in 1998.

Our company structure consists of small business owners, attorneys and call centre’s with a staff compliment of more than 200 employees registered with at least one the following institutions:

  • Law society of South Africa
  • Council of debt collectors
  • ADRA – association of debt recovery agents
  • FSB – Financial services board
  • SARS Tax Clearances / VAT Clearance
  • Cipro PTY LTD Verification

Management History

Our management team have more than 22 years’ experience in the Tracing, Debt Collection, Sequestratin, Liquidation, Debt Councilling & Mediation Industry and our motto is to work smarter and not harder.

We strive to use the latest technology available in order to deliver on our motto and apply innovative ideas to incorporate the modern day lifestyle in our order of business, in such a way that everyone reaps the benefit.

We strive to be consumer-centric and deliver the most valuable service. Our management team have structured the company so unique that everyone who have a part in the company could apply the utmost level of expertise in their responsible work environment.


Our system is web-based and can be accessed across the globe and where there is access to internet. Our system is integrated with the latest and best diallers, call recording, credit bureaus and additional information platforms available in our industry and that integrates best with our workflow system.

Our Clients / Service Providers

Contact Us!


Call: +27716910275